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We are a team of people who know and love their work

We are a team of people who know and love their work deeply, understanding the needs and expectations of our clients fully.

Acknowledged for our great professionalism and strong relationships with the best national and international partners, the agency makes avail of a series of professional skills able to provide the customer with a high level of services and assistance in the various areas of the insurance field and risk management.

One of the strengths of IBBC Brokers is certainly the customised and unique consulting service based on the client’s needs and desires.

Listening to their needs, their fears, their perplexities, without ever persuading them, but reassuring them with the certainty of offering them good advice and the best products is what differs us from the others.

A close contact with the client, from identifying the risk, to choosing the best solution, and then the assistance for the accident and beyond… up to a permanent availability.

The best specialists of any specific risk are part of our team and constantly look for innovative insurance solutions, so we can offer all, consumer and business, clients the best possible solutions available on the national and international market.

All the solutions that are offered are “tailor-made”, after a scrupulous and in-depth analysis, on the particular and specific needs of the customer.

It is like creating a tailor-made outfit… listening to the client, choosing the fabric together, packaging the product.

We realise a product that is unique just like our clients!

When someone arrives, they are a client but when they leave they are a relative!


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